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When in Bucharest meet me, Cosette , a hot perfect shaped body blonde escort and VIP event companion; My target is to make you transcend the infinite pleasure!

Publicly, I am elegant, charming, well-mannered and feminine. I take pride in being immaculately presented and dressed for the occasion. I am also a naughty woman and a collector of designer lingerie, so I will always have sexy little things beneath my cloth. My education, discretion and charm makes me the ideal companion for dinners, parties or any kind of social event. My favorite date starts with a nice dinner, some wine and talking, where our chemistry and friendship begins...here we really feel the sexual tension building... I am happy talking about anything, but I love hearing personal stories. I really enjoy feeling relaxed in each others' company, without any pressure. Just be yourself and let's have fun!

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    I consider myself a hedonistic woman, always seeking pleasurable sensations. I am proud to say I live my life to the fullest. Time is the most precious commodity and one of my favorite ways to spend such time is with my lovers. The ability to meet different kinds of people and share moments of intimacy and chemistry feeds my spirit with satisfaction.

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  • Stories around a table

    For me these experiences go beyond bedfun, so creating a connection is a priority for me, to really savour our chemistry. Every date is a new adventure, unique and special. Maybe it is only a brief moment in our lives, but with that comes memories that last forever.